LOVE – Part 4

I love too quick, I love so much it makes me sick.

I love with my heart, I love with all I got. I love always, and always will.

I need love, love is food. Love is everything, love is gold.

Love is a melody, love is life. Love is fragile, love is blind.

Promise me to love, and you will take flight.

Love is heavenly, love when it’s right.

Love is time, love requires fight.

Love is like an oasis, love is what you make it.

Please love, love is potent.

Love is the seed, Love blossoms.

LOVE – Part 3

Life’s royalty is love, it is the very essence that drives us, each second of our lives. To love is a beautiful thing, and even more beautiful is when you don’t expect love back but love unconditionally. Engrave life with love, for love is life’s silver lining. The melody of life is love and with love happiness blossoms. Love is energy, love is everything – from the one you love, to your family, friends, nature, art, food and the list goes on. Love is the seed of life, so one must condition life with love – always.

When hope is cemented in Love then you’re on the right track. You will be able to harmonise life with the simple act of giving love. Love sparkles life, love is like a beautiful flower, and the energy of love never dies. Love has an aroma like no other, an energy so powerful sent from the Divine. Love is instrumental in everyday living, love is the orchestra and you’re the composer. Love is live’s chorus, with a rhythm like no other. Please don’t forget to love people, for love is all we have.

Love is pure, love – that is all.

LOVE – Part 2

Life’s bounty is love which everyone experiences. Experience also lets us digest the meaning of life. Every experience is a thread, woven carefully, tailored with precision from the Divine. We should all harness the present, so that we are able to fully realise the power of love. Love can be eternal through memories. Love is real, love always. You must learn to love life. Each experience is a remedy to the meaning. Good or bad, one must learn to accept, move on and adapt. One thing is certain, we do not know everything but life is beautiful when mystery is high. So do not waste your time trying to answer questions you do not know the answers to. Simply live, and everything will make sense when it’s past tense.

It is not all downhill, there will be dark times that is for certain. Pain is like ice … eventually it melts away, so learn to love the present and distract yourself with the surroundings. There are so many distractions in life – people, nature, animals, music, art, photography, books, the list goes on. You will always have an excuse to enjoy life, every-time. Remember, only the wise appreciate the smell of coffee. 

Life is a train journey, to get to your destination there will be many hurdles. Some stops will set you back, others will make you realise, whilst the rest will inspire you to continue. Along the ride, remember to laugh, as laughter is the diamond in the mine. Do not take everything too seriously, if something does not go your way then there is always another option. Make laughter your solution. Furthermore you should invest in memories, because memories are priceless. Memories are eternal, so make the most of the present. Forgive, forget, live, and love, for life can be short. It is the moment we must focus on, the people around us, and working towards hope. Life is absolute when love leads the way, because love is the stream of life.

Love is life’s chorus, so cherish it well. Infuse positivity through every day living, allow your personality to blossom with rich thoughts. Being positive will complement not only yourself, but others. Love ignites and reflects, so remember that giving love is potent to your personal well being. Be bold, magnetic, and exceptional in the moment because life is concrete with love.

The power of love is in tune with the language of the stars and the language of the stars lives in your heart. If you find yourself in doubt, listen to the sound of your heart … somehow it knows your path and the decisions you should make at the present moment. The heart is where wisdom lives, and with wisdom come positive thoughts. Remember the nectar of life is your heart, so do not ignore it.


I have a quote, “only the wise appreciate the smell of coffee” meaning people who appreciate nature, food, and of course people are the ones who truly live. Beauty is everywhere, just pay attention to the birds in the morning, the wind in the afternoon, the beaming light of the sun, the rare rainbows, the waterfalls, the rain that sustains us, the flowers, the bees, the birds, the life … isn’t it wonderful.

I will be lying if I said that I have never experienced depression, after breaking up with my first ever girlfriend, things were tough. I turned into a totally different person, and at times into the Incredible Hulk for those that were on beef. But why, why is there a need, so I changed. I changed for my mum, I changed for my loved ones, I changed and became a better person. Every night before bed I say my prayers, and every morning I do the same. Praying equals protection, it is life’s necessity. 

Oh people, appreciate the smell of coffee, appreciate the goodness life has to offer. We are allowed to enjoy life, just like the sweetness of honey. It’s instrumental that gratitude is the melody to our daily habits. Remember, your pilgrimage of happiness only begins when you are grateful. So, continue loving, continue appreciating, continue creating positive nostalgic memories by painting happiness.


It was the first year of my marketing degree and suddenly music took over my life. Growing up in Ladbroke Grove (West London) I was raised on Hip Hop music. The flash cars, fancy jewellery, big cribs made you desire their lifestyle. I was introduced to a music software by my good friend, and I was hooked. I would make beats till the early morning, I could not read or write music but I played from the heart. It got to a point where I had so many beats, that I needed rappers. I was introduced to a rapper who happened to be my brothers friend, and we decided to make a mixtape.

During the making of the mixtape, I visited my family in America. I was in awe of New York, it was the perfect holiday for a hint of inspiration. When I came back, I was fully re-charged and continued on the mixtape. After a creative disagreement, I dropped the mixtape and decided to make my own. The problem was, I had never rapped, I was always the producer in the background. But I decided to give it a go, and the first song I made was called “From Friends to Foes” which was a diss song to the rapper I had worked with.

My brother was studying Video/Cinematography at the SEA Institute – one of the leading and as part of his course, he decided to direct a video with one of my songs. He ended getting an A and off I went with my dream, at least I thought it was my dream. Regardless, I decided to shop my mixtape to record labels, XL records being one. I’ll never forget an up and coming A&R Seb Webber telling me to keep going, and that he thought I was onto something. After being refused from the major labels, I decided to start my own independent record label, but I needed a name. I was proud of my roots and decided to call it Ramadani Records, but all these record label execs would look at me funny when they saw the name, so I re-branded it to “rRecords” Branding was something I was doing back then, without knowing what the future would have in store.

Then I was introduced to Rita Ora by a mutual friend, Rita lived in the same area I did so I would see her but we never spoke. She had just been signed to Roc Nation and being a music fan, I wanted to know the type of direction her album was heading towards. She showed me a song Kanye West produced for her, as well as StarGate and the up and coming lyricist James Fauntleroy. I’ll never forget her words, she said, Enis I’ll help you, just be on point. So I decided to get my dad to help me read and write music. I then got in touch with Anda (who happened to be Rita’s childhood friend) we did three songs and the plan was to show Rita and Roc Nation. Anda flew to New York and was in the studio with all the Roc Nation A&R’s, but Rita was hesitant and told Anda, it’s not the right time. I was hurt. Okay, don’t help me but at least help your best friend. Anda is by far the most talented songwriter (Anda – RainDrops) I have ever worked with, yet Rita did not help.

Then came Lily Allen, she had launched her own independent record label and her label manager Crispin wanted to sign a rapper on the label as well as producers. I was introduced to Reddy Faymous and Crispin suggested we make a song (Destiny). The song was so different, had an unorthodox structure where the chorus was in different parts that Crispin turned it down. However, he called me one day and for over 20 minutes, he told me that he was so sorry he didn’t sign me as a producer but to not give up!

From these stories, you can clearly see the politics, fakery and two faced people that exist in the music industry, hence why I quit!


I once said, everything makes sense when it’s past tense. This is the ultimate truth, God – the one, has his own way of doing things, as we cannot do things in our time, but everything blossoms in his. In Arabic, the word “rizq” means provision. Fear not, everything that was meant for you to have, will be yours eventually. Can you not see how water falls from the sky, and every living thing is provided for – from plants to humans. 

Sometimes it may take a little while, but believe you me, God is the melody of your destiny. We, muslims believe that three things are written, even before birth. Those being, the day you will be born, your provision and when you will die. However it’s up to you as to how you choose to gain your provision. You can go left, or you can go right, you can do it the hard way or the easy way but either way leads to the same destination. Believe in the one people, for he is the creator of everything, as I said, everything makes sense when it’s past tense. You may not know why something is happening to you, but once it happens you realise the lesson. 

I grew up following moderate Islam, Hanafi fiqh to be precise, which is the most moderate/balanced way of Islam. I am proud to be Muslim, but the rising Islamophobia makes me want to leave the country and never come back. In this modern day Britain, respect has gone out the window, if you’re fully english, as you say you are – ask yourself are you really though? I am sure you have Irish, Welsh, Scottish or German blood as in the Royal family’s case. Well, that’s a whole other blog post, but let’s focus on provision.

People, believe in the One – God – the master, the creator, the most merciful. Learn to trust God’s way for you, learn to love your religion, be it Christianity or Judaism, and of course Islam. I believe in the people of the book, the Abrahamic religions who follow the 1 God.

If you read this, thank you! Thank you for your eyes and be patient, by keeping faith. 


I was born an Ethnic Albanian, in Southern Serbia. Albanians, referred to as Illyrians were the oldest race in the Balkan region, in fact – the first. Kastriot Skenderbeg is our national hero, raised in the Ottoman Empire, he then went back to his roots and turned on the Turks. There were countless wars with Sultan Murad and later Sultan Mehmet 2 (the Conquerer of Constantinople – modern day Istanbul) but they had no success with Skenderbeg. 

Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia were once united as Greater Albania, but how times have changed. There is roughly 50% of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia and thousands in Serbia, yet only Kosovo and Albania are independent. I am from a city called Presheve in Southern Serbia and still have to live by Serbian authority. Kosovo didn’t have it easy also, as it took horrific massacres for them to gain its independence. We as a race have been through a great deal, no wonder our blood boils when situations arise, and the famous “I’m Albanian” comes out. 

I am proud of my Albanian roots, no challenge is too big, being Albanian that is. We truly are an emotional nation, and I was once told that the most emotional people are the most creative. That’s the primary reason why there are so many Albanian musicians, whether it’s rappers or singers, and of course we have Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, and Bebe Rexha to brag about. We also tend to brag about Xherdan Shaqiri, Granit Xhaka who famously beat Serbia in the recent 2018 World Cup with Switzerland. 

However there is also a negative image we are given, somehow if you say you are Albanian, people are taken back and immediately associate you with the mafia. It’s a stereotype that has gone as far as Hollywood. But myself, being a masters graduate, have always tried to do good, be it through my projects or which truly shows my belief towards women and racism.

I will leave you with something my grandma said, which every Albanian should take note of, “parja me njers, kurrë s’hup” which means, hard earned money with sweat, never goes away. 

Red & Black – always! Be proud by setting an example!