It was the first year of my marketing degree and suddenly music took over my life. Growing up in Ladbroke Grove (West London) I was raised on Hip Hop music. The flash cars, fancy jewellery, big cribs made you desire their lifestyle. I was introduced to a music software by my good friend, and I was hooked. I would make beats till the early morning, I could not read or write music but I played from the heart. It got to a point where I had so many beats, that I needed rappers. I was introduced to a rapper who happened to be my brothers friend, and we decided to make a mixtape.

During the making of the mixtape, I visited my family in America. I was in awe of New York, it was the perfect holiday for a hint of inspiration. When I came back, I was fully re-charged and continued on the mixtape. After a creative disagreement, I dropped the mixtape and decided to make my own. The problem was, I had never rapped, I was always the producer in the background. But I decided to give it a go, and the first song I made was called “From Friends to Foes” which was a diss song to the rapper I had worked with.

My brother was studying Video/Cinematography at the SEA Institute – one of the leading and as part of his course, he decided to direct a video with one of my songs. He ended getting an A and off I went with my dream, at least I thought it was my dream. Regardless, I decided to shop my mixtape to record labels, XL records being one. I’ll never forget an up and coming A&R Seb Webber telling me to keep going, and that he thought I was onto something. After being refused from the major labels, I decided to start my own independent record label, but I needed a name. I was proud of my roots and decided to call it Ramadani Records, but all these record label execs would look at me funny when they saw the name, so I re-branded it to “rRecords” Branding was something I was doing back then, without knowing what the future would have in store.

Then I was introduced to Rita Ora by a mutual friend, Rita lived in the same area I did so I would see her but we never spoke. She had just been signed to Roc Nation and being a music fan, I wanted to know the type of direction her album was heading towards. She showed me a song Kanye West produced for her, as well as StarGate and the up and coming lyricist James Fauntleroy. I’ll never forget her words, she said, Enis I’ll help you, just be on point. So I decided to get my dad to help me read and write music. I then got in touch with Anda (who happened to be Rita’s childhood friend) we did three songs and the plan was to show Rita and Roc Nation. Anda flew to New York and was in the studio with all the Roc Nation A&R’s, but Rita was hesitant and told Anda, it’s not the right time. I was hurt. Okay, don’t help me but at least help your best friend. Anda is by far the most talented songwriter (Anda – RainDrops) I have ever worked with, yet Rita did not help.

Then came Lily Allen, she had launched her own independent record label and her label manager Crispin wanted to sign a rapper on the label as well as producers. I was introduced to Reddy Faymous and Crispin suggested we make a song (Destiny). The song was so different, had an unorthodox structure where the chorus was in different parts that Crispin turned it down. However, he called me one day and for over 20 minutes, he told me that he was so sorry he didn’t sign me as a producer but to not give up!

From these stories, you can clearly see the politics, fakery and two faced people that exist in the music industry, hence why I quit!

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